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How does it work?




Subscription sign-ups are typically open from the 1st - 20th of each month. This sign-up period applies to the next month’s kit.
Example: The sign-up period for the February Kit is January 1st - 20th


Subscription sign-ups are typically open from the 1st - 15th of each month. This sign-up period applies to the next month’s kit.
Example: The sign-up period for the February Kit is January 1st - 15th

Customers may join the waitlist .


SSC-THEMED STICKERS at Station Stickers Shop

Head over to the Station Stickers Shop , to purchase stickers designed using the current month's SSC theme.

As a thank you for being a monthly subscription holder we would like to offer you a discount on shipping.
Use code CLUBMEMBER to get free shipping and your order will ship with your monthly subscription at the end of the month.


Each kit costs is variable. Shipping is not included.

Since this is a monthly subscription kit, you will be AUTOMATICALLY RE-BILLED each month for the next month's kit.
Dates listed on the description of each kit.
Example: If you have an active SSC subscription, you will be re-billed on January 21st for the February kit.

If you are a new subscriber, your initial payment made at sign-up will be applied to the current payment cycle.
Example: If you purchased a monthly plan from January 1st - 20th, you will receive the February kit. You will NOT be billed on January 21st. You WILL be billed again on February 21st for the March kit.

Subscribers whose auto-renewal payment fails on the 21st will receive an email & have until the 24TH of THE MONTH to make their payment. Subscriptions that are not renewed prior to this deadline will expire. To rejoin, you will have to purchase a new subscription during the sign-up period.



You must CANCEL/SKIP your subscription by the renewal date to avoid being automatically re-billed.
Example: If you do not want to buy the February kit, you must cancel/skip before January 15th.

If you miss this deadline and are automatically re-billed, contact us to see if you qualify for a 50% refund.



Once you have successfully subscribed/renewed, your order will be shipped between the 28TH - 31ST  of the month.
Example: If your payment in January is successful, your February kit will ship on or before January 31st.

All kits are sent WITH TRACKING, so you will receive a tracking number when your item is shipped.
Shipping Costs: U.S. $3.25 and International $14.50.

We apologize to our international customers for the high cost of shipping. If you have any friends who would also like kits, we suggest you do a 'Group Buy.' Purchase 1 subscription here and buy the additional kits on the Station Stickers Shop website (exclusive to SSC members) using the free shipping code CLUBMEMBER. That way you can receive more than 1 kit while only paying $14.50 for shipping.
Please make sure to make your purchase under the same name and email as the SSC subscription. Otherwise we will not  know the orders are related and we will have to cancel the order.